Monday, June 15, 2009

Fears behind Government healthcare

Obama hits 'fear-mongering' on health care changes

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I must say, the President is throwing every ounce of political capital that he has at trying to sell his healthcare plan to the AMA and the American people. The truth is that more than likely he will not get what he wants(in the end, a single payer system) because he will not make the necessary political concessions to do it.

One such "scare tactic" the president cited Monday was an assertion that he favors socialized medicine. Obama again denied that, although he did say he thought that a "public option" should be available as a choice for those who currently have no insurance coverage. Obama said "we know the moment is right," citing the passage of legislation giving the government unprecedented control of the marketing and sale of cigarettes.

What is laughable is that the "public option" is essentially a collective, or in a more direct manner socialized medicine. What the President is calculating is that he will be able to charm the disparate sides; labor, doctors, insurance companies and the public and will be able to get his plan passed. This is hubris at the highest level. The good news for those of us who would like to see healthcare reformed without the intorduction of full blown socialized care is that the President is such an idealogue that he will refuse to push back against his base. Tort reform, not going to be touched he can say goodbye to the AMA. Pretax health benefits, goodbye union support. Rationing of care, goodbye middle class. We need to begin to chip away at his periphral support and I beleive that the best way to start is to push him on tort reform. We shall see

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