Wednesday, March 4, 2009

White House Press Release

Washington March 4 '09: This afternoon the White House announced a new White House Summit on how to conduct a Summit. " The American people need to know how important holding White House Summit's are to the President and we take our Summit holding very seriously," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said during a press conference this morning in between ravenous bites of his feet. "This is why President Obama has decided to hold a White House Summit on Summit holding."
The White House Press corps had several in depth and challenging questions for Gibbs. "Do you plan on having any experts at this Summiting Summit?" The Daily Kos's Pinko McCommie queried.

"The President plans on having several experts attending the summit, luminaries of the speech and summit series such as Bill Clinton, former President George H.W. Bush as well as the President's favorite motivational speaker, Richard Simmons." Press Secretary Gibbs responded.

Major Garrett of Fox News posed the next question. " Does the President believe that Richard Simmons, of the Sweating to the Oldies series of motivational tapes, can really help motivate the populace into understanding how to summit there misunderstanding of the Summit on Summits."

"The President believes that if Richard Simmons can sell older suburbanite, bourgeois middle Americans to dance and lose weight to "Lightening striking again" by Lou Reed he is the perfect man to show him how to climb the insurmountable summit of the White House Summit on Summits." Secretary Gibbs said.

Further details will be released by undersecretary of White House Summit's Summit, Summit Sumnter.

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