Friday, March 6, 2009


1.Do we pile up mountains of debt when we can't pay back what we have on credit now?

2.Is our President more concerned with "fundamentally transforming the country" than being a proper steward of a limited government?

3. Are our elected political heroes not able to understand that you don't need to re-invent the wheel every time there is a market correction?

4. Should I continue to vote for the major political parties when they don't listen to me anyway?


1. Obviously, to me at least, we no longer value leaving a world richer in resources to our children than the one that we inherited. The entitlement mentality of my generation and every generation since WWII doesn't seem to understand that life in a free enterprise system is a series of trade-offs. Liberals only value deficit spending when it is to buy a new cool Prius, not when it is to finance two wars and protect the American People.

2. President Obama sees himself as the individual who can finally sell the country on European Statism and thus far has done so. Nothing in his agenda will be denied as long as he has the political capital to sell it. The established capital he does have is tripled by the media and backed in full by agitators on the left who will do everything possible to make sure that his agenda is passed with minimal debate. The case in point is the concerted effort on the part of the WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF to rope-a-dope the American public with talk of Rush to deflect attention off of his plans. Thank God El Rushbo is the man they are targeting as he will inform and entertain the people who want to watch the fight. The President has picked the wrong dog to fight with. Limbaugh will create a new generation of conservatives to fight back at the statism in 2010.

3. If not for Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and Mike Pence I might have to move to Hong Kong. Solid conservatives who want to keep the free in free enterprise. They know you don't need government to fix the problem.

4. Once again we see trade-offs. Government will continue to grow, the secret is to keep the size of it relative to GDP down. Smart supply-siders are needed to explain how lower tax rates contribute to higher economic growth.

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