Thursday, April 16, 2009

George Will in "Fine" form

Here is a good one from the Washington Post today:

Denim is the carefully calculated costume of people eager to communicate indifference to appearances. But the appearances that people choose to present in public are cues from which we make inferences about their maturity and respect for those to whom they are presenting themselves.

Do not blame Levi Strauss for the misuse of Levi's. When the Gold Rush began, Strauss moved to San Francisco planning to sell strong fabric for the 49ers' tents and wagon covers. Eventually, however, he made tough pants, reinforced by copper rivets, for the tough men who knelt on the muddy, stony banks of Northern California creeks, panning for gold. Today it is silly for Americans whose closest approximation of physical labor consists of loading their bags of clubs into golf carts to go around in public dressed for driving steers up the Chisholm Trail to the railhead in Abilene.

I don't know whether I'm laughing at myself or with GW for having people read this.

Read it all here


For the no one who reads this blog, this will waste minutes of your life.

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  1. Dude, my pants fall apart all the time, and that is coming from a guy who doesn't OWN a pair of jeans. I think George Will has convinced me to go denim. Thanks, George!